What does it take to create an amazing commercial?

Anywhere you go, anything you use, and anytime you decide, there is an influence of ads and commercials. Have you ever found yourself getting too engaged and captivated by a commercial you can’t look away from? It could be the story, the theme, the product, the music, or just that one moment that gets you hooked. That is the magic of creative designers and ad writers and the perfect execution of their spells.

But how do they bring it all to life? Let’s sneak into their castle and get a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes.

  1. Starting at the drawing board
    Before it becomes an idea or a story, every commercial starts with a simple thought on the drawing board. The creators and businesses want to create an ad and work together to conceptualize and build on the idea. Usually, a team of scriptwriters and pre-production creators work together to write the story and design the theme for the commercial.
    This doesn’t end here because they also test their ideas and assess the impact on their audience. So, depending on the campaign size, budgets, and other considerations, some of these ideas have test runs with study groups.
  2. Working their magic with their wands and spells
    As the pre-production team finishes up with their script, film production facility scouting, and other storyboarding tasks, the production team gets to work. The production team brings sophisticated tools, cameras, artists, musical crew, directors, and more. Whether it’s the dazzling close-up shots, the sweeping aerial views of a holiday destination, or the heartwarming interactions between characters, every shot is meticulously framed. All are executed to perfection to convey the idea and create an impact for the commercial.
    The production process is more than just recording the shots for the commercial. It is an intricate process of picking the right moments and iterating over shots until you get it right. Moreover, there is the aspect of the proper lighting, location, and preparing the props and music for the commercial. As the production continues, different pieces of the idea from the storyboard build up as jigsaws of the commercial. And as the artists and creators work their magic, it all begins to come closer to a reality.
  3. Weaving a story and assembling the pieces
    Once the lights, cameras, and action are done, it is time to blend them. Just as important as it is for the production crew to create marvelous work, they can only do so much. The little things lurking in the background and the final touch that covers up the flaws are necessary. After all, when a magician performs their tricks, there is always some trickery to amaze the audience.
    Having all the pieces of the commercial shot, the team returns to using sophisticated tools for the trickery. They work on weaving the story together, adding those effects, visual enhancements, and other skills tucked up in their sleeves to bring out the best.
  4. Does it end here?
    You might think the commercial is ready to hit the market once all the recordings and post-production editing are done. But not really. There is still a lot to do. More often than not, the commercials, whether for television, radio, or web streaming, have a complex release process. The media marketing teams work with the advertisers to plan the time slots and frequency for the commercial screening. If the commercials are associated as part of some event sponsorship, there are other marketing logistics to manage for the media planning side.

Overall, designing and shooting a commercial combines various skills and talented artists. And bringing them all together in perfect harmony to create an impactful and attention-grabbing advertisement.

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