How to find the best movies to watch

The easiest movie to watch is to look through the libraries of the major streaming services. Netflix and Hulu especially have vast collections of movies across all genres, decades, and levels of quality. Browse through their offerings by category, review scores, or personalized recommendations. Look for award winners, all-time classics, hidden gems, and current popular titles. The streaming services make it easy to watch trailers and read descriptions to judge if a movie interests you. Review aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic compile hundreds of reviews for movies and TV shows into Tomatometer or weighted average scores.  Sort by high review scores to find critically acclaimed films celebrated as the best of the best. You can also browse through various genre or category lists for top-reviewed titles.

Search best of lists

Publication sites like IMDb, Empire, The A.V. Club, and more put out regular lists of the greatest films of all time, the best in different genres, and recommended hidden gems.  For example, searching “best comedy movies” brings up classics like Airplane, Groundhog Day, and The Big Lebowski that any comedy fan should see. Use these curated lists to find top picks from experts.

Use Resources

Subedits like r/MovieSuggestions let you describe the types of films you like and get crowdsourced recommendations. ดูหนังออนไลน์ websites like TasteDive and RecoRank let you input movies you love and find similar titles you may enjoy. Film blogs and YouTube critics suggest great movies to their fans all the time. Do some searching for “movies like [title]” and see what intriguing recommendations come up that match your interests.

Don’t overlook classic films from earlier eras. Streaming services and resources offer selections of iconic movies from the 1920s through the 1990s. Look up lists of the greatest films from each decade and sample influential classics you’ve yet to view. Well-known blockbusters are everywhere, but you can also find more obscure indie films and hidden gems. Don’t just stick with what’s popular and familiar.

Go back to old favorites

Sometimes the best movie to watch is and loved. We all have our favorites we can watch over and over. Streaming services make it easy to revisit old reliable favorites whenever you want a comforting or reliably entertaining experience. Don’t underestimate the joy of a re-watch. You can even share favorites with someone who’s never seen them before.

Try different genres and moods

Don’t get trapped watching just one kind of movie.  Vary your viewing selection based on different moods. Feeling serious? Try a critically hailed drama. Want to laugh? Queue up a popular comedy. There are plenty of thrilling options. Exploring different genres keeps things fresh.

Take movie recommendations with a grain of salt

Not every movie recommended by publications or friends will perfectly match personal tastes. Learn which critics share your sensibilities and which friends like the same films as you.  Don’t turn down every slightly outside-the-box recommendation. Be open to having your unexpected favorites. but also look for independent films and foreign cinema. Streaming services offer selections of unique and acclaimed foreign films you may overlook otherwise. Indie films offer different sensibilities from big studio movies.

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