Best Beginner Cello Brands for Adults

There are lots of cello models available in the market today, and they come from different brands. Some models are high-end, while some are just as minimalistic as they could be. If you’re a beginner planning to purchase your first cello, you should know that there are beginner-friendly brands out there that you should take a look at. These brands could offer you their best cellos, ideal for beginners and students. Likewise, these manufacturers stand out for being empathetic to their customers’ needs coming from different levels, especially beginners. Now, you might be curious who these brands are and what they can actually offer. Keep reading as we give you a rundown of the best beginner cello brands for you.

Best Beginner Brands

The competition between brands is really high, but thanks to these competent companies, you can enjoy satisfying cellos today. Here are some of the best brands you might want to consider as a beginner.

  • Cecilio

Cecilio is a violin maker company that offers high-quality instruments such as the cello. Their instruments are handcrafted and made to suit every level. The students or beginners who want to learn a new instrument like the cello is one of their priorities. They sell affordable and durable cellos for students so they won’t have to worry about easily broken strings or parts.

  • Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman is one of the top brands in America recommended for beginners. It also has a reputable identity and quality because Fiddlerman himself makes the instruments. By doing so, he ensured that the design and quality of each cello are beginner-friendly.

  • Scott Cao

Scott Cao Violins has been a trusted manufacturer of stringed instruments for over fifteen years now. Teachers, soloists, and performers usually recommend this brand to such beginners because of the simple design of their instruments. The company also garnered various awards for delivering quality stringed instruments.

  • Cremona

Cremona is a brand known for its quality yet very affordable instruments, which are ideal for beginners on a budget. They always make sure that their instruments will meet the specific needs of beginners as well as providing excellent quality of the instruments. In fact, they have twenty-two staff members on their quality control.

  • Stentor

Stentor brand is one of the famous companies that have a special set of instruments for beginners. Typically, they name their instruments as easily as possible, so you could easily distinguish that it’s for beginners. For example, they have Stentor Student I and Stentor Student II.

  • D Z Strad

D Z Strad offers a great array of cellos perfect for beginners. They offer their instruments complete with rosin, case, shoulder, and chin rest. All you need to do is set it up, and you are ready to play anytime and anywhere. Most of their instruments are made of lightweight wood, so beginners can easily hold the instrument when playing. 

How to buy a cello as a beginner

The best thing you can do before purchasing is to seek advice and do your research. You can ask professionals and cello teachers regarding the ideal cellos for you and visit each brand’s model made for students. Likewise, you can seek help online on forums and support groups where there are cello beginner players.


Searching for an excellent cello for beginners like you should always boil down to the simplest model. If you don’t know what these models are, you could always research or ask for recommendations. You could also visit the websites of the brands mentioned above and see for yourself what could be the best fit for you. Everyone started like you, and all you need is the right instrument and enough motivation to keep going!

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