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7 Fun & Interesting Games for Increased Engagement at Networking Events

Online team building activities

Let’s be real: It can be quite challenging to make corporate events fun and interactive. After all, many people can be a bit introverted, and they don’t feel comfortable hanging out with their employees on a weekend that they would rather spend at home or among their closest friends. However, these events give you the perfect opportunity to test various in-person and online team-building activities to boost engagement within your company.

The best real-life or online games are those in which all of your employees can have a relaxing time while getting to know each other. Corporate team-building isn’t an easy feat, but with the right games and a fresh mind-set, you can help your employees form deep connections that they can use to improve the performance of their work. These games can also build team spirit and teach your employees how to operate under pressure-inducing situations.

Before we discuss the games you can play at offline or virtual team-building events in the UK, let’s look at the two best ways to use networking games in events!

Best Ways to Use Networking Games at Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate team-building, your aim should be to ensure seamless cooperation and boosted engagement between your employees. The best way to do so is to use event games smartly to build an electric environment rooted in trust, confidence, and pure, unadulterated fun.

The best way to use games is to start with ice breakers, such as rapid-fire rounds to welcome new employees to the fore and help them get to know your old employees and vice versa. If you have old employees hanging out with each other or a huge corporate event, you can opt for group networking events. This way, most of your employees will be able to talk to many people and get to know them while playing competitively with other teams.

7 Top Team-Building Games for Increased Engagement

Here are seven compelling and super fun corporate team-building games you can try to boost the engagement between your employees:

1.       Rapid Fire Questions

Whether you’re organizing virtual team-building events in the UK or arranging a real-life event for your employees, a quick and easy-to-start game is rapid-fire questions. All you have to do is prepare a list of fun questions that your employees can ask each other. You can partner them up and give them one minute to ask and answer the questions.

This type of networking is the ideal ice breaker and doesn’t require someone to force a conversation. It’s simply a fast Q&A session to get to know the other person. Since the time will be so short, your employees can go around the room playing this game with multiple people. Moreover, it will help them warm up to each other and feel more confident.

2.       Nostalgic Games

If you want your event to succeed, you have to provide your employees with a strong nostalgia trip. Depending on the room you have, you can arrange childhood games, such as Jenga, skipping competition, hopscotch, and even cricket. To add a fun element to the day, you can ask your employees to write their childhood monikers on their name tags. It will make for a fun-filled in-person corporate networking event.

3.       Virtual Murder Mystery

If you want to challenge your employees with fun, problem-solving, team-based games, you can choose to play virtual murder mystery games. These highly interactive, problem-solving games will test your employees’ ability to work together and use their skills to solve crimes. It’s a classic ‘whodunit’ in a virtual setting that will require your employees to complete various tasks and use an interactive map to find out the killer.

4.       Two Truths and a Lie

Another classic ice breaker that you can incorporate into your online team-building activities. In this game, each participant has to tell the group three things, anecdotes, or facts about themselves. Two of those things are truths, while one of them is a lie. The group has to collectively figure out the lie hidden among the truths by asking the right questions within a designated time. This memorable game will help your employees discover new things about each other while creating memories they will cherish for a long time.

5.       Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms have been massive hits among the corporate world to help employees bond with each other. The premise of this game ensures that people work together to figure out how to escape their predicament. Adding a virtual spin on it will help you create a highly engaging event as your remote teams work together to complete a series of tasks, puzzles, and riddles to escape the virtual rooms. A virtual escape room will not only drive engagement but will also help you assess your employees’ teamwork.

6.       An Old School Dance Battle

What is better than a dance battle to enliven the atmosphere of your corporate event? Dancing will loosen everyone up and allow your employees to express themselves. Even though not everyone will be willing to participate in this game, try to engage as many people as possible. Perhaps inviting a few instructors might help. Then, divide your employees into different teams and give each time about 20 minutes to prepare a dance number with the help of an instructor. Let the battle royale begin and allow the other groups to judge the performance of each dancing group. Give gifts to the winners.

7.       The Tallest Tower

Provide your teams with a variety of everyday items, such as uncooked pasta, wooden blocks, pencils, etc., and ask them to build the tallest, free-standing tower with them. The team that can construct the tallest tower must win a small prize. This game will help your employees work with each other as teammates and help them use their minds creatively.

The Bottom Line

Corporate event games that help ensure team-building can act as the ideal ice breakers between people from different departments within your company. It enables your employees to make new work friends and find their place within your organization while making great memories and fostering team-building skills. You can play the aforementioned interactive games to liven up your networking event!

Author Bio:- Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd, a leading event production company in Birmingham offering event planning and venue finding services. She started her career in the events industry almost a decade ago as time progressed she became an avid event blogger sharing her insight on corporate event planning.